"A sensually gratified woman is a wealthy natural resource for any community. Pleasure is power." -India Ame'ye (Pictured)
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Female Ejaculation

When she ejaculates, it’s a very deep experience for her. Not only is it physically deep within her body, but the orgasmic release is more whole-body than the typical clitoral orgasm. Typically, G-Spot stimulation has more emotional energy to it than clitoral stimulation too.The tissue in the G-area can hold vulnerability and create an emotional release that brings you closer to your lover and generates a magical space with you and your partner.

~ Tallulah Sulis 

I would add that when a woman is sensually-gratified, engaged in full-blown, full body, orgasms it’s not only a deep and liberating experience for her and her partner(s), but also for her entire community-past, present, and future. Emotions (past, ancestral, learned reactionary emotions) are intertwined in a woman’s sexual center, in fact, they are nearly one in the same energetically-speaking. A sensually-liberated woman is a healer. She has healed herself, her partner, and become wealthy resource for her community through her embodiment of love, pleasure, and magnetism. She can facilitate transformation and change through her orgasms. Essentially she is a temple of liberation, worthy of offerings and worship. ~IndiaA

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