"A sensually gratified woman is a wealthy natural resource for any community. Pleasure is power." -India Ame'ye (Pictured)
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6 more anonymous messages waiting to be read :-)?! I am unable to read any more anon messages today. The short of the long is that the book, my book baby, is done and will be released (to the best of my knowledge) this week. This book is out of my hands but belongs to me, a gift to anyone who wants to evolve out of the old paradigm way of experiencing life, love, and the body temple. There are many pages of downloads and magic tips, just shy of 300 pages. There’s practical wisdom and deep intimate conjure. I am now somewhere between out-of-doors bare in the grass and sitting on my floor finishing book 2.  All is well and as it should be :) even the confusing and disappointing has its place. High stepping regards, India A. click, click <3 :)

love you, India, big time. the feminine moves in a circular motion, meanders, goes off grid, reappears, spirals, curliques!!! I wish others would get it right and see beyond the masculine linear shit and stop giving you so much pressure about the book. you are such an inspiration, to say the least. xx000


You nailed it Anonymous. I am reminded through your words that I write with a deeply feminine voice. My creativity stems with the wildest most tender places within me, so the pressure to oscillate outside of that place and make rational decisions quickly is difficult for me. It’s akin to coming down from a high too fast. I am more in my left brain/masculine when I’m not connected to my creative arts, sex, or intimacy. ALL of me is here; that’s the thesis of my conjuring, healing, intimacy, and nourishment. That’s why I misspell words (and the reason I edited this post 10 times)!! THANK YOU ANONYMOUS! :-) Whomever you are…..Thank you!! <3 Oh thank you soo much! I think the world should consider widening the margins for people to be deeply in their feminine and they not have to explain a darn thing.  That’s the feminine surrender that causes gushes of inner bodies of water to flow and gives rise to multiple full body orgasmic experiences.  It’s the reason that I’m unable to create then go into my traditional job on the same day. When I have sex and go into work, same thing. But I get away with the sex high, the conjuring-creative buzz is a bit much to navigate. With that I know that I can get better with time/dates/details particularly when other people are involved. Gratefully the book is done and this response was too darn long. :-)

Hey India! I was just ordering when your book will be available to purchase in the UK?


Hi Anonymous. Thank you! :) You will be able to  purchase it on on the day it is released. It will be released this week. Also I’m not ignoring my inbox, just taking a few breaths. Thank you again…. Back soon, India Ame’ye

So your book will not be available on the 27th (today)? I would very much like to purchase your book and support your path but you are making hard to do so. For your Aug/Sept release date, it may be best not to mention potential dates at all. When you have a firm date, then announce it.


Hi Anonymous! I understand. There’s a lot going on and there are things I’m sharing and some things I can’t share, but I am doing my best to navigate everything, not get too overwhelmed, and make the best decisions without any templates on how to do that. The book is completed. It exists. These last minute considerations happened. It’s okay for you not to support me; there’s no pressure for support. I CONJURE the feminine and intimate arts because it’s my sacred call and service to humanity. It is my healing and transformation and how I assist others in their healing, loving, and transformations. In this book, I share my past struggles with going with the flow, resisting what is, and I’ll add in reference to this—trusting artists, literary healers, or even romantic lovers and all our processes and sometimes wild inconsistencies. I could use that right now because it’s deeply frustrating amidst the excitement..  I’m sure there are better ways; perhaps you have gone through this process before Anonymous; perhaps it was easy for you. Perhaps we are simply learning from one another. Either way, sincerest gratitude. Thank you for expressing yourself. :)

Burning the late night oil |7.27.14 @2:42 AM| late night photo-play (Inner child conjuring, outer mother harvest) in only 3 takes (The first two photos I would have loved to delete, but I’m challenging myself not to do that). A personal challenge that has absolutely nothing to do with this book!! ****The book is done!! But it is out of my hands, the most I can share is that it is being reviewed for big distribution on a 2nd edition—which is awesome freaking news!!!! BIG CHEESE! When considered, the 2nd edition won’t contain nude photos or curse words like the 1st edition :) but the vision of having my baby, my charming book, in book stores moves me into bits and pieces. I have to wait until the review process is over, which will be this upcoming week, then the book will available for sale on Amazon/Createspace the next day… and it tingles not to be able to share more than that. I am writing late nights and shaping by body during the day as ritual. Back on my curvy Goddess journey, and ( moving inside my body) working out—gym beasting before adventuring forward in my life! My second book  ”From Pain to Pleasure: Learning to Love and Adore Your Menstrual (Moon) Cycle” will be on Amazon late Aug/ early Sept.

WOOHHOO thank you lovers for holding space for the intimate arts through a feminine lens. The balance is HERE as we learn to bring the feminine back into our bodies, lives, and communities! The balance radiates out from our bodies and seeds into our lives, loves, and communities. We are whole again like we were before we were programmed and conditioned to experience life and love fragmented and wholistically incomplete. 

Be very clear, we are here —in these bodies—-simply to love. So I wrote a book that brings everything back to love. The harvest is upon us. Sustainable loving: from theory into practice. I”ll be back online when my book is available for sale. Cheers!—Self-portraits, 7.27

“What I know is this: Freedom is situating your life where working for other people is only an option at best. Where loving, frequent touch, playing in nature, growing your food, sharing meals, preparing juices, enjoying music and the arts, and being fucked until you fall asleep are uncompromisable daily necessities. That’s what I know.”

Daily Neccessities by India Ame’ye, Author “You Look Like Something Blooming” Coming to Amazon 7/27/14

"One way to lift the heart is to literally lift-the-heart. Lie back with chest open (surrender position). Rub your breasts in circular motions; mold your body shape with your finger tips. Visualize your heart opening and radiating in every area of your body. Let love fill you up, drip out the corners of your mouth, shoot out of your nostrils, penetrate your ears, and saturate your throat. Become sci-fi; leave your body; burst into love&#8217;s flame."
Self-portrait India Ame’ye, Author &#8220;You Look Like Something Blooming&#8221;
 All rights reserved. 

"One way to lift the heart is to literally lift-the-heart. Lie back with chest open (surrender position). Rub your breasts in circular motions; mold your body shape with your finger tips. Visualize your heart opening and radiating in every area of your body. Let love fill you up, drip out the corners of your mouth, shoot out of your nostrils, penetrate your ears, and saturate your throat. Become sci-fi; leave your body; burst into love’s flame."

Self-portrait India Ame’ye, Author “You Look Like Something Blooming”

 All rights reserved. 


New business cards arrived. The left- the backside and the right- front. I’m very visual &amp; tactile &amp; let me just say that the texture and presentation are truly divine to encounter. Cheers, India


New business cards arrived. The left- the backside and the right- front. I’m very visual & tactile & let me just say that the texture and presentation are truly divine to encounter. Cheers, India

“You have to be ready
when your soul incarnates
into a brown body.
Don’t get drained
from perplexed stares
and curious desires.
It’s all that medicine
you hold between
your nourishing thighs
and brown eyes.
Don’t shrink or feel shame
and poison the potion.
Strengthen your spine
and sweeten the Atlantic Ocean.”

Medicine women by India Ame’ye 

Blooming Tip: When you walk in your beauty, you heal and make way for other generations to do the same. Your blood and bones belong to the collective (including ancestors and future babies); therefore your healing is the collective’s healing. 

“Rejoice greatly in the bodily fluids of your lover.”

India Ame’ye (via eatmangoesnekkid)

what inspires you to write?


Phallic trees, flowers, birds, and various aspects of nature, love, music and lyrics, ecstasy and aliveness, transcendental love-making, intimacy and orgasms, pleasure, sadness, desire, Goddess, cooking and organic juices, being nude, living inside a body temple that is juicy in texture and consistency, relationships, mirrors (in theory and physical ones), bathing, death and transition, the heart, the brilliancy of the yoni temple and the healing wand it sometimes encounters, sappy love songs, tantra, women, men, traveling, the moon, so much to say. Great question, Anonymous!! :) :)

Be Still and Know.


imageBeautiful Me. Most days, even with my tremendous adoration of Black and Brown people, African-American culture, and the beauty of Africa’s continent, I am not bound by race and racism, sexuality, classism, and death. It’s a matter of choice for me, and knowing that I am not ‘here’ on this planet to live in my body and chase humanity’s illusions, death and ‘race’ being the most popular illusions. With that, I am not ambivalent or apathetic either; I just own a deep-seeded awareness of why I chose to come HERE, to this planet, and not to Pleiades or Venus, which I already inhabited and made all types of extraterrestrial love on thousands of years ago ;). I am HERE, on Earth, to be mounted and possessed by the holy spirit of love, totranscend my body as often as I can, to honor my vision of evolving and healing through love and pleasure, to receive that I am getting paid to do work that I love, to climax at any given moment, to be led by spirit, and to be reminded i create every single experience in my life.  That’s the bulk of my activism that produces radical change and transformation in the minds of many, even if only one because one represents MANY. Love is just that contagious, where one person has limitless access to touch and connect to the ancient and recent souls of many. There are no mistakes, so somehow, some way, everything, everyone,  every experience,  even the experiences that I don’t quite understand, even the experiences that “hurt,” or feel difficult to accept, become more beautiful (when I allow them to be… what they are). AUTHOR OF THE SOON TO BE RELEASED BOOK 7/27/14 on AMAZON “You Look LIke Something Blooming”   -India Ame’ye (pictured)

When can I buy your book? (I am also in the UK) :)


Hi Neyarabella! 7-27-14 on Amazon :). I am also setting up a bigcartel webpage where I will sign and ship books directly to readers :). 

“She saunters into a crowded room
not as a victim of the world,
not full of shame,
not insecure,
not doubtful,
not limited,
not poor,
not broken,
not heavy in her heart.
Only light on her feet,
navigating her fears,
communicating through her spine
as the indomitable and juicy presence of love.
Intentional in her choices,
Intentional in her language,
Intentional in her thinking,
Intentional in her creations,
and mighty intentional in her strut.”

Love-strut by India Ame’ye (via eatmangoesnekkid)


"If it’s raining, I am running towards  the eye of it. Clapping, singing, and making it rain-harder. Becoming Liquid. Diving deep. Making wild sound. Twirling deliriously in the moment. I adore rain. It recalibrates my body temple. Cleanses and sets my organs free.I also love being wet. And no hairstyle or outfit is unworthy of being soaked. This pose isn’t just for the camera…I stayed out-of-doors, completely soaked, for over an hour. My friends have gotten used to me and my magical, mysterious ways of being. *giggles*

I have been offline working on TWO books!  ”You Look Like Something Blooming” will be available for sale on Amazon 7.27.14 and “From pain to pleasure: Learning to love your menstrual (moon) cycles” on 8.15.14. I am living testimony, running towards the rain, healing my organs, and writing my life. THis is not NEW AGE TALK, surprise-surprise, THIS IS ACTUALLY MY LIFE.

DISCOVER WHAT MAKES YOU MAGICAL. BE COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO SHARE YOUR TALENTS OUT LOUD! LET THE UNIVERSE  FEEL YOUR GRATITUDE. That’s what I was experiencing in the photos above: Deep gratitude so much so that I was getting goosebumps. Gratitude feels pleasurable to me! My magic is that I’m a great manifester. I channel sacred information through loving and love-making, and have harnessed a deep connection with my body temple and with nature and the healing powers therein..and within. I haven’t even had a cold in almost a decade. Deep internal pleasure is the reason I don’t get sick nor have to take medicine. How worthy of praise am I. *more giggles* And so are you if you are reading this…. <3 Cheers!!” —India Ame’ye,  pictured 7/17